Choral Evensong

9th January

Introit: Thou Knowest Lord, Purcell

Responses: Tomkins

Psalm 27

Canticles: Blow Dorian mode

Anthem: Rejoice in the Lord always, Purcell

Reflective chant: Ubi Caritas (Taize)

Hymns: 52 O worship the Lord vv.1,2,5; 55 Hail to the Lord’s anointed! Vv.1,4,5



16th January

Introit: Cantate Domino, Pitoni

Responses: Rose

Psalm 33:1-12

Canticles: Harris in Eb

Anthem: O Thou The Central Orb, Wood

Hymns: 440 Praise to the Lord vv.1,2,6;  331 Abide with me (omit v.3)

Reflective chant: Confitemini Domino (T.18)



23rd January – Eucharist

Introit: Otche Nash, Kederov

Setting: ‘Coronation’ Mass, Mozart

Anthem: O Praise The Lord: Tchaikovsky

Hymns: 339 Be thou my vision (omit v.3); 296 t.1 Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour vv.1,4,5; 368 Guide me O thou great redeemer

Reflective chant: Jesus Christ, bread of life (T.143)



30th January

Introit: Lift up your heads, Baldwin

Responses: Jones

Psalm 65: vv1-8

Canticles: Orr in Eb

Anthem: Verleih uns Frieden, Mendelssohn

Hymns:  332 All hail the power of Jesu’s name vv.1,2,6,7; 381 Jerusalem the golden vv.1,3,4

Reflective Chant: The Kingdom of God (T.115)



6th February – CD launch

Introit: Come Holy Ghost, Shorter

Responses: Gant ‘Pentatonic’

Psalm 122

Canticles: Magnificat Octavi Toni, Morales, Nunc Dimittis, Shorter

Anthem: Of the dust of the ground, Pacey

Blessing: God be in my head, Horton

Hymns: 352 Crown him with many crowns (vv.1,2,5); 433 O worship the King (vv.1,2,6)

Reflective chant: See I am near (T.102)



13th February

Introit Hosanna To The Son of David

Responses Byrd

Psalm 34: 1-10

Canticles Weelkes ‘Short’ Service

Anthem O Vos Omnes, Victoria

Hymns: 334 All people that on earth do dwell (vv.1,2,5); 376 I heard the voice of Jesus say

Reflective chant: Holy Spirit come to us (T.14)




20th February – Eucharist (Quartet)

Introit: Adoramus te, Lassus

Setting: Missa Octavi Toni, Lassus

Anthem: Exultate Justi, Viadana

Hymns: 459 The Lord’s my shepherd (vv.1,2,5); 294 Just as I am (vv.1,3,4,6); 396 Let saints on earth (vv.1,2,5)

Reflective chant: Nothing can ever (T.119)



27th February

Introit: If Ye Love Me, Tallis

Responses Parry

Psalm 135:1-7

Canticles Magnificat tone VIII, Burgon Nunc Dimittis

Anthem: Cantique de Jean Racine, Faure

Hymns: 436 Praise, my soul the King of heaven; 420 O Jesus, I have promised (vv.1,2,4)

Reflective chant: Adoramus te Christe (T.20)



6th March

Introit O Ignis Spiritus, Hildegaard

Responses Rose

Psalm 11

Canticles: Collegium Regale, Howells

Anthem: Geistliches Lied, Brahms

Hymns: 64 Be thou my guardian and my guide; 67 Forty days and forty nights (vv. 1,3,5,6)

Reflective chant: Into your hands, Father (T.30)



13th March

Introit: O Taste and see, Vaughan Williams

Responses: Ayleward

Psalm 119:17-32

Canticles Sumsion in G

Anthem Bogoroditsye Devo, Rachmaninov

Hymns: 359 Fight the good fight (Duke Street); 453 Stand up, stand up for Jesus (omit v.2)

Reflective chant: Adoramus te, O Christe (T.44)



20th March- Eucharist

Introit: Crux Fidelis, John IV of Portugal

Setting: Missa ‘Ego Flos Campi,’ Padilla

Anthem: Ave Verum Corpus, Mozart

Hymns: 394 Let all the world; 244 Glory to thee (omit v.4); 413 Now thank we all our God

Reflective chant: Wait for the Lord (T.2)



Holy Week

27th March

Miserere mei, Deus, Allegri


29th March

Miserere mei, Deus, Allegri