Choral Evensong

Tuesday 26th September

Choral Evensong

Introit Prayer of King Henry VI, Ley

Responses Peter J.Smith

Psalm 119 vv.121-128

Canticles ‘Collegium Regale’ Howells

Reflective chant Holy Spirit, come to us, Taize

Anthem Hail, Gladdening Light, Wood

Hymns 339 vv.1,3,5; 417 vv.1,2,4,6

Readings Ezekiel 34.1-10; Mark 9.30-37


Tuesday 3rd October

Choral Evensong

Introit In Manus Tuas, Sheppard*

Responses Byrd

Psalm 124

Canticles Byrd 2nd service

Reflective chant

Anthem Jesu, Salvator Saeculi, Sheppard

Hymns 459 (all verses);394

Readings Ezekiel 37:15-end; Mark 9:38-end


Tuesday 10th October

Choral Evensong

Introit Jesu, The Very Thought Of Thee, Bairstow

Responses Reading

Psalm 136.1-9

Canticles Pearsall in G minor

Reflective chant Sing praises, all your peoples (T.23)

Anthem And I Saw A New Heaven, Bainton

Hymns 146 vv.1,2,4; 359 (t.Duke Street)

Readings Proverbs 2.1-11; Mark 10.2-16

Tuesday 17th October

Holy Communion

Introit In Manus Tuas (Gregorian)

Communion Missa Papae Marcelli, Palestrina

Readings Proverbs 3.1-18; Mark 10.17-31

Anthems O Quam Suavis est, Alonso Lobo*

Hymns 353 (omit v.3); 271 (omit v.2); 466 (omit v.2)

Chant Adoramus te Christe (T.20, English)


Tuesday 24th October

Choral Evensong

Introit Lord, Teach Me To Do Thy Will – Barnes*

Responses Ayleward*

Psalm 142

Canticles Attwood in C

Reflective chant In manus tuas (T.30, English)

Anthem Come, Holy Ghost, Attwood

Hymns 381 (omit v.3); 331 (omit v.3)

Readings Proverbs 4.1-18; Mark 10.35-45


Tuesday 31st October

Choral Evensong

All Saints

Introit O Lord, I lift my heart to thee, Gibbons

Responses Smith

Psalm 119.89-104

Canticles Morley ‘Fauxbourdon’

Reflective chant See, I am near (T.102)

Anthem O God, the King of Glory, Gibbons

Hymns 396 (omit v.4); 419

Readings 2Timothy 2.1-7; Mark 12.28-34


Tuesday 7th November

Friends of the Musicians Service

Requiem: Gabriel Faure

Tuesday 14th November

Choral Evensong

Introit O Lord Of Whom I Do Defend – Amner

Responses Morley

Psalm 82

Canticles Turner in A

Reflective chant Il Signore ti ristora (T.140, English)

Anthem Never Weather-Beaten Sail, Campion*

Hymns 391; 436

Readings Judges 7.2-22; John 15.9-17


Tuesday 21st November

Holy Communion

Introit Thou Knowest Lord – Purcell

Communion Spatzenmesse, Mozart

Readings Revelation 1.4-18; Luke 9.1-6

Anthems Jubilate Deo, Gabrieli

Hymns 440 (vv.1,2,6); 288; 296 (vv.1,4,5)

Chant Jesus Christ bread of life (T.143)


Tuesday 28th November

Choral Evensong

Christ The King

Introit Jesu, Rex Admirabilis, Palestrina*

Responses Tomkins*

Psalm 93

Canticles Wood ‘Collegium Regale’

Reflective chant Bless the Lord (T.5)

Anthem Great Day, Martin

Hymns 433 (vv.1,2,6); 352 (vv.1,3,5)

Readings 2Samuel 23.1-7; Matthew 28.16-end


Tuesday 5th December

Choral Evensong


Introit Im Advent, Mendelssohn*

Responses Burges

Psalm 25.1-9

Canticles Stanford in G

Reflective chant Tui amoris ignem (T.14, English)

Anthem O For A Closer Walk With God, Stanford

Hymns 7 (1,2,5); 9 (omit v.3)

Readings Isaiah 1.1-20; Matthew 21.1-13


Tuesday 12th December

Carol Services