Choral Evensong

Tuesday 8th May

Choral Evensong

Introit This Joyful Eastertide, Wood

Responses Byrd

Psalm 45.1-8

Canticles Second Service, Byrd

Readings Philippians 3v7-14 John 6v60-69

Anthem Haec Dies, Byrd

Hymns 420 O Jesus I have promised (omit v.3); 252 The day thou gavest (omit v.3)

Chant See I am near (Taize)


Tuesday 15th May

Holy Communion

Introit Stetit Jesus, Jacob Regnart (first part)

Communion Missa ‘Congratulamini mihi.’ Lassus

Readings Colossians 1v15-23 Matthew 16v13-23

Anthems Aurora Lucis Rutilat, Lassus

Hymns 339 Be Thou My Vision (Slane); 445 Rock of Ages (vv.1,2,4); 352 Crown Him with many crowns (vv.1,3,5)

Chant Glorify the Lord (Emmanuel Community)


Tuesday 22nd May


Choral Evensong (Marko away)

Introit Come Holy Ghost, Shorter

Responses Ayleward

Psalm 139.1-11

Canticles Stanford in Bb

Readings Romans 3v20-26 Matthew 27v45-56

Anthem Confirma hoc, Deus, Byrd

Hymns 346 Praise my soul the King of heaven (vv.1,3,4); 331 Abide with me (vv.1,4,5)

Chant Confitemini Domino, Taize


Tuesday 29th May


Choral Evensong

Introit Almighty and everlasting God, Gibbons

Responses Tomkins

Psalm 104.1-10

Canticles Gibbons ‘Short’ service

Readings Romans 5v1-11 John 3v12-21

Anthem O Lux Beata Trinitas, Byrd

Hymns 353 Dear Lord and Father of mankind (vv 1,4,5) ;332 All my hope on God is founded (vv.1,3,5)

Chant Ubi Caritas, Taize


Tuesday 5th June

Choral Evensong (Marko away)

Introit Holy is the true light, Peter Futcher

Hymn 433 O Worship the King vv 1,2,6

Responses Tomkins

Psalm 35.1-10

Canticles Parsons ‘First’ service

Chant Holy Spirit, come to us, Taize

Anthem When David Heard, Tomkins

Hymn 413 Now thank we all our God; 388 Jesus shall reign

Readings Ephesians 3v12-21 Matthew 6v5-15


Tuesday 12th June

Choral Evensong

Introit In Manus Tuas, Tallis

Responses Burges

Psalm 37.1-11

Magnificat Leighton 2nd Service

Chant Wait for the Lord, Taize

Anthem O Sing unto the Lord, MacMillan

Hymn 478 Ye watchers and ye holy ones (vv.1,2,4), 252 The day thou gavest (vv.1,2,5)

Readings 2 Peter 1v16-21 Luke 24v13-35


Tuesday 19th June

Holy Communion in Musicians’ Chapel

Introit Lord, for thy tender mercies’ sake, Farrant

Communion Missa Brevis, Palestrina

Readings Romans 12v1-2 John14v15-27

Anthems Sancte Deus, Tallis

Hymns 396 Let saints on earth (vv.1,3,5), 459 The Lord’s my shepherd (vv.1,2,5), 296 Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour (vv.1,4,5)

Chant Jesus Christ, Bread of Life, Taize


Tuesday 26th June

Choral Evensong

Introit Thou wast O God, Tallis

Responses Parry

Psalm 82

Canticles Willan in Eb

Readings 1 Corinthians 15v1-8 John 1v43-51

Anthem The Lord is in His holy temple, Damon Ying

Hymns 433 O worship the King (vv.1,2,6), 401 Light’s abode, celestial Salem (vv.1,4,6)

Chant Into your hands, Father, Taize


Tuesday 3rd July

Choral Evensong

Introit A Prayer of King Henry VI, Ley

Responses Spicer

Psalm 53

Canticles Walmisley in D minor

Readings Ephesians 6v10-20 Luke 10v17-24

Anthem Salmo 150, Aguiar

Hymns 359 Fight the good fight (vv.1,2,4), 336 Angel-voices ever singing (vv. 1,2,5)

Chant Wait for the Lord, Taize


Tuesday 10th July

Choral Evensong

Introit Let thy merciful ears, Weelkes

Responses Smith

Psalm 64

Canticles Magnificat Octavi Toni, Gombert , Nunc Dimittis Tone VIII

Readings James 5v10-20 Acts 3v1-10

Anthem Cantate Domino, Monteverdi

Hymns 296 tune i Lord, enthroned (vv. 1,4,5), 352 Crown him with many crowns (vv.1,3,5)

Chant Nothing can ever, Taize


Tuesday 17th July

Holy Communion

Introit Come Holy Ghost, Tallis

Communion Missa ‘Ego Flos Campi,’ Padilla

Readings Acts 20v13-38 Matthew 16v13-23

Anthems Veni, dilecte mi, Vivanco

Hymns 457 tune ii The King of love my Shepherd is (vv.1,2,6), 294 Just as I am (vv.1,4,6), 252 The day thou gavest (vv.1,2,5)

Chant Adoramus te Christe, Taize


Tuesday 24th July

Choral Evensong

Introit Jesu, grant me this I pray, Gibbons

Readings Ephesians 2v11 Mark 6v30-34 and 53-end

Responses Gant ‘Pentatonic’

Psalm 63

Canticles Evening Service ‘St Paul’s’, Howells

Anthem The Beatitudes, Part

Chant I come to you, Emmanuelle Community

Hymns 186 Tell out my soul; 368 Guide me, O thou great redeemer