We’re excited to announce a new program to facilitate and support original compositions. From the start of 2018, there will be an opportunity for a new composition to be premiered at Evensong on the 1st Tuesday of every month. The piece will be sung by our professional ten voice mixed choir (with or without accompaniment) as part of our regular Tuesday evensong. We’ll be working with Shorter House to publish the scores of the pieces performed (if desired).

If you would like to submit a new composition to be performed at evensong, please email the score to We would ask that any music submitted would be a new composition. The music could be for any piece that is part of our evensong program, which includes:

  • Introit
  • Psalm Chant
  • Magnificat (circa 6 minutes)
  • Nunc dimittis (circa 4 minutes)
  • a set of responses
  • or an Anthem

The text can be in any language, but English is preferred.