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    Paul Nicholas

    Posted: 8 September 2014

    Paul Nicholas is a Consulting Actuary in the City of London and is apart of our congregation at St Sepulchre’s. Here he is speaking at our lunchtime service. Play in new window | Download


    Ms. Rachel Sleeman

    Posted: 8 September 2014

    Rachel Sleeman is a Barrister in the City of London. She is a member of our Tuesday lunchtime Congregation. Play in new window | Download

    Daivd Ingall


    Posted: 4 September 2014

    David Ingall – Ephesians Play in new window | Download

    Chris Steward preaching in the church


    Posted: 14 August 2014

    Chris Stewart – Worship Pastor here at St Sepulchre’s, speaks on Hope. He tracks hope through the Bible, from the Psalms to the New Testament. Play in new window | Download


    Holiday – Lew Jackson

    Posted: 5 August 2014

    Listen to this Tuesday Talks Podcast from August 2014, on the theme of ‘Holiday’given by Lew Jackson. Lew encourages us to think again about our holiday and how we view he. He also reflects from the gospels on how Jesus viewed the sabbath-rest and…


    Focus 2014

    Posted: 4 August 2014

    Here are a few photos from our church holiday, Focus 2014


    An Introduction to St Sepulchre’s

    Posted: 20 July 2014

    Here’s an introduction video about the vision of St Sepulchre’s and what we do in the city.


    Ephesians 4:1-16

    Posted: 13 July 2014

    Listen to this ‘Sunday Talks’ podcast from July 2014 Play in new window | Download