Perform at St. Sepulchre’s


We are hoping to work with a range of musicians and groups as we put together an exciting programme of services, concerts and musical events for 2018.  If you are part of a choir, orchestra or group who would like to perform here at St. Sepulchre’s as part of our programme, do please let us know! (office@stsepulchres) 

Saturday Concert Series 

Throughout 2018 we will be running a series of monthly Saturday evening concerts (including rehearsal time for the performers) in partnership with a variety of different external musical groups, and including high quality classical and choral music both ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’.  The series will run on the third Saturday of every month, and we invite choirs and orchestras interested in performing one of these concerts to get in touch for more information. 

‘Music in Worship’ series of concerts with reflections 

A series of evening concerts on the first Monday of each month, starting on Monday 5th February, exploring the importance and beauty of music in worship.  Each evening will be around 60-90 minutes long, roughly three quarters of which will be music, with reflections on the music and worship alongside them. 

We hope that a number of different choirs and groups might partner with us in putting on these events, and we’d love to talk further with any who are interested. 

Guest Choirs at Evensong 

Throughout April and August we will be welcoming guest choirs to St. Sepulchre’s to sing at our weekly Choral Worship.  We would invite any choirs interested in singing at one of these evensongs to contact us for more details.